There is an extensive range of accessories for the TELETEC radio remote controls standing at your disposal: Various battery chargers as well as shoulder straps and belt carrying straps are available for the different transmitters as well as control cables, plug connectors and receiving antennas adapted to local conditions. All spare parts are available at short notice from stock.

A comprehensive documentation with connecting plans relating to your application, technical description and operating instructions together with self-adhesive colored direction foils for cranes and other machines are supplied with your remote control.

Wandhalter für den Drucktastensender THS

Tragegeschirr für den TMS am Bsp. von Sender TMS-51

Kantenschutz KTS-THSX1 für THS

Akkuladegerät FC-6Z für AK2

Akkuladegerät FC-AK5

Bauchgurt gepolstert für TMS

Schultergurt für TMS

Wandhalterung FC-AK5

Zubehör IR-Empfänger


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