Diagnosis and Configuration System TDSW

The diagnosis and configuration system TDSW for qualified service personnel offers an extensive diagnosis function control of the TELETEC radio remote controls on the spot. Beside this way of diagnosis the configuration, inspection and firmware upgrade of various components of the remote control systems are possible.

The following functions are supported in detail:

  • Display and function test of all available control commands within the radio telegram
  • Hardware-/self test of the microcontroller assembly
  • Configuration of various parameters, such as RF channel selection of the radio components
  • Inspection of operational data, reset of error counters and creation of detailed inspection reports
  • Telegram diagnosis
  • Upgrade of device firmware

Supported are, among others, both the device family FW40 (with restrictions) and FW50. These devices are available in the software automatically depending upon the used program license. The use of the TDS system requires a PC or Laptop with the operating system Windows XP ©® and higher. An interface cable is part of the TDSW delivery.

Example screenshots:


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