Pushbutton Transmitter THS-51

The Allrounder

The pushbutton transmitter THS-51 with its shock-resistant housing is equipped with all necessary features to meet the most of customer requirements. It is available as a replacement for the FW25 Series as THS-21, FW30 Series as THS-31 and FW40 Series as THS-41. Each transmitter is provided with a key lockable switch for protection against unauthorized operation and an emergency stop switch to transmit an active emergency stop via radio. Optionally, an IR transmitter for the infrared release is included, the radio transmitter is optionally available with the edge protection KTS-THS51. Power is supplied from a change-over battery AK5 to the transmitter without memory effect, based on proven NiMH technology, providing a continuous operation time of up to 18 hours.